Welcome to Gluten & Milk Free Lifestyle

WELCOME to Laura's Gluten and Milk Free Lifestyle Page!!

WELCOME to Laura’s Gluten and Milk Free Lifestyle Page!!

Welcome to my blog associated with living an edible life without gluten and milk.

About eight years ago we discovered that our daughter had an allergy to milk.  For many, they view this as being lactose intolerant, when in fact that is not the case at all.  It was all about what the milk was doing to her body.  After a few years of being on antidepressants, homeschooling at home and soon to head off to college, with a physician who could only increase her meds with never having the hope of decreasing them, I finally said “NO MORE”!! This is totally insane!!  WHY, must one increase their meds if they are not working?

Fortunately, I was seeing a new physician who I continue to see, that also treats naturopathecally.  He did a test, which was extremely expensive, but came back sharing that her allergy was a result of her body using the milk products she drank and ate, into additional morphine in her body, causing her to always be depressed.  She was a “milk addict/junky”

Sure, question this, as I have worked with a variety of nurses and MD’s who look at us when we explain it as if we are a little crazy.  I’m okay with that reactive look.  In order for you to unfreeze your face, I want you to know, that my daughter was off her antidepressants within three months!!!

Of course, her first reaction was “What???”  She actually started to cry.  It was heartbreaking, as she LOVED cheese and always enjoyed her salads topped with the shredded cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.  Ice cream, milk, butter, etc. was out of the question.  Keep in mind, that eight years ago, all the alternative options were not so easily found as they are today, as we now have available Almond, soy, rice type milks.  Cheese is also available and not so disqusting as they once were.  And, if you think that the dairy aisle is the first and only place one must be careful, you now need to watch all your baked, cereal, soups, etc.  She literally cried when he told her this, because she asked about “chocolate”.  He eased her mind and shared that dark chocolate was an option.

Personally I have always been bothered by milk products, yet for some reason I always craved milk when I was pregnant.  The only way to ease the pain in my knees was to consume milk daily.  I didn’t think about adding a calcium or Vit D supplement, but with what I have learned there are many things I would have changed if I was to become pregnant today.

So, as I work with on this adjustment, dealing with social functions where churches and other function leaders would accomodate those with peanut intolerances, would totally ignore our request for milk-free products, such as include a salad without cheese was completely ignore.  We became very frustrated with the arogance we were greeted with, but did our best to educate and always be prepared with foods that we brought for the gatherings, making sure she had a plate before others were served.  Sometimes you just need to be rude when others do not understand.

It was not long, after seeing that her depression had subsided substantially, that she still maintained anxiety issues.  Geesh!!  Guess what, all the females in our family have anxiety issues.  Could this same docter help us here.  Although not ill with celiac, it was decided to eliminate gluten products.  Again, this was just before the huge craze began of food companies toting that their products were gluten free, and labeling them as such.  Seriously, rice cereal that has been sold in packages for years, do you really need to now highlight this?  Well, manufacturers are in the business to make money, so yes, as our diets unfold to a healthier lifestyle, our grocery budget adapts to the immediate inflation of over-priced products.  Hence, in order to not be controlled, after discovering what products tasted best, we were able to adjust a little more easily.

So, for the sake of our health, as well as anxiety and depressive concerns, our family has transitioned to the gluten and milk free way of eating.  My husband struggles, but is finding that the more I bake, the more I cook, the more I try new things, he is tapering off what causes many other side effects that many are unaware of.

With many friends knowing that we eat this way, having posted some recipe adjustments on Facebook, etc., I am sometimes asked if I am able to modify a recipe that tastes good.  Please understand, I am your average wife, mom, everyday woman, who is not only trying to stay healthy with these choices, but also finding that the healthier I eat with daily exercise, I am able to see a healthier person with more energy.

Thank you for reading.  Please follow and share with others who might be interested.  I also have a Facebook book page to share tips, ideas, recipes and thoughts with as well.

~ Enjoy and choose to be healthy ~



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